Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cozies...for Babies!

My friend's new baby inspired the first of our Cozies for Babies line!  Not only does this have a super soft flannel/mink fabric combo, it has a nice thick layer of padding in the middle.  Major props to my mom, Sandy, for this fine creation!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Etsy Treasuries

I love looking through treasuries on Etsy.  Some people make the most perfect ones, with great themes and products.  Obviously my fave are the pet-themed ones...especially ones that are clever enough to include a Cozy product.  ;p

I am particularly taken with this one:

Black and White and Purrfect All Rover


Packing Up is Fun To Do!

Call us nerdy, but we LOVE packing up our Cozy products!  There's nothing more fun and satisfying than getting a Cozy folded, wrapped, and tied up with a bow.  We may not be able to control what happens in transit, but we make sure it leaves our hands in the prettiest way possible!

Nikki is a pro at packing up our Cozies, while I lean towards the smaller packages (collars, etc.).  Take a look at Nikki's most recent handiwork:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bentley Models!

Bentley, a newly rescued pup in LA, sports his new Cozy collar with such model-like style.  I would not be surprised if he pursued this as a career....

Getting Ready for Halloween

It may be August, but it's not too early to start preparing for Halloween at the Cozy Pom Pom headquarters!  Every year the preparations just seem to start earlier and earlier....

In addition to some serious searching for Halloween-inspired prints, production on new Cozies and collars are already underway.  

Here is a glimpse of the new Cupcakes & Candy Halloween Cozy:

And this is only the beginning....  Maybe there'll be a matching collar on the way!